Weekly Assignments

This page is where you can find instructions pertaining to your weekly assignments

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First, refer to the "course topics" list provided within your grade's window. Please list some of the content standards you hope to fulfill through projects this semester. You must state the topic you wish to cover, and examples of how you will meet these standards.

Please submit this assignment via the "Project Ideas" thread posted within forum example one.

0 pts. 1 pt.-Novice 2pts.-Approaching Proficiency 3pts.-Proficient 4pts.-Exceeding Proficiency
Supporting Examples supporting examples not included or irrelevant 1suppoting Example given 2 supporting examples listed 3 supporting examples listed more than 3 supporting examples listed
Sentence Structure Sentences are irrelevant to to topic, grammatically incomplete, and punctuated incorrectly Sentences are relevant to to topic, but grammatically incomplete and punctuated incorrectly. Sentences are relevant to topic, grammatically complete, but punctuated incorrectly. Sentences are grammatically complete, and punctuated correctly. Sentences are complete, correctly punctuated, and structured in a way that use scientific vocabulary, or examples from our class word wall
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